Action Plan

The (PSA) – Problem, Solution, Action or
(OSA) – Opportunity, Solution, Action Plan
(These action plans are designed for Federal, State elected officials and candidates running for public office and will help you reconnect with leaders in your community.)

A PSA\OSA action plan is simple proven process to identify what the problem or opportunity is, what is the best tool to use to fix or take advantage of it and what is the best entity to carry out the action.

The PSA\OSA committee is a group made up of community individuals like business owners, pastors, political office holders, community leaders and media personalities who work together to STATE the problems or opportunities in the district, IDENTIFY solutions, then DEVELOP action steps to address the problems or opportunities during the meeting.

PSA\OSA Benefits

  • PSA\OSA provides local solutions to local problems or opportunities whenever possible
  • PSA\OSA is a solution to END federal and state political chaos, games and finger pointing
  • PSA\OSA restores accountability, credibility and trust to the political process
  • PSA\OSA is 50 times more effective than a town hall meeting and less confrontational
  • PSA\OSA holds politicians and the community accountable to each other for solutions
  • PSA\OSA helps the voice of the people to be heard with no media bias or agenda filters
  • PSA\OSA cuts down on over spending and over reaching from the federal government

Each state and district has its own unique challenges and opportunities so the PSA\OSA will look different in each state and it will include individuals from different walks of life in each state, but the outcome will be the same. “Powerful people making things happen instead of talking about what should happen or waiting on Washington DC”.

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You can receive the PSA\OSA Reconnect Phase with step by step notes and 3 hours of phone consulting for a one time Donation of $2,195 per office holder to Seeds of Dignity Coalition!

Operation Community Reboot!

Reconnect Phase $2195 Donation – Reconnect to the community.

Regrow Phase (Call for) Donation – Regrow the relationship by solving problems in the community.

Rebuild Phase (Call for) Donation – Rebuild the community through economic empowerment & development.

Additional phone consulting for this plan would cost $50 an hour!

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