Urban Solutions for America


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USA will research effective strategies that reach out and message conservative solutions, values and common-sense policies to urban communities. The largest cities in America have similar failed strategies that are clearly not working for the vast number of their citizens. USA will listen, educate and offer alternatives to prosper those communities.

USA will contact and expand its community and organizational groups and attend meetings to determine the viability of their programs for further support and promotion.

USA will find and help promote productive organizations who are conducting education, engagement and economic empowerment opportunities throughout rural, suburban and inner-city locations!

USA will conduct events, meetings and workshops in the community to engage, educate and collect survey data to aid in further empowerment strategies.

USA will fulfill this mission through several avenues including but not limited to; conducting on-the-ground meetings, workshops and special events, providing speakers, podcasts and presenters to outside groups, communicating through the internet via newsletters, radio interviews and social media, distribution of printed literature, and making out-bound telephone calls.


EDUCATION – supporting high quality information and educational information for all members of the community including students, adults and educational organizations using both traditional and advanced information technology.

ENGAGEMENT – Identity politics is NOT a bad thing. Reach out to nontraditional groups and share your values with them. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

EMPOWERMENT – When we empower our neighbors we receive many benefits. With empowerment they can live a more fulfilling life. They will be happier and less likely to cause trouble in the future. They will be more likely to return the favor down the road if you are ever in need. Teach a man to fish and they can fish for a life time.

System, Plan, Access, Resources and Knowledge empowers the community. An empowered community is a place where our children are safe, and businesses want to operate. Businesses provide jobs and more resources for the community. An empowered community can protect its members from the ups and downs in life.