At Seeds of Dignity we have over 50 years of combined experience in community outreach and project development. We find, help promote and raise scholarship and grant money for productive organizations who are planting seeds of education and economic opportunity throughout rural, suburban and inner city locations!

We contact community and organizational groups and attend meetings to determine the viability of their programs. Then we form relationships and conduct marketing events to help promote them. Our criteria is simple. 1) Value Based 2) Community Based 3) American Based. Below is a list of participates we work with.

Scholarship and Grant Participates

Project Purpose

Project Purpose is a Education and Economic Empowerment company. We aimed to invest in creative solutions that provide opportunities for children and their families, neighborhoods, businesses, churches, organizations, and government, to serve as conduits of revitalization in severely distressed communities where at-risk youth are prevalent across the nation.

One of our goals is to slow down or reverse the school to prison pipeline for at-risk youth. The market for this level of service is just as large because our inner city, rural and suburban youth are failing in record numbers because of their environments.

The Masters Apprentice The Master’s Apprentice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit enterprise, founded and lead by Scott Flores. He has over three decades of entrepreneurial and manufacturing experience, including founding three charter schools due to a deep interest in education reform, and owning a small manufacturing business. He strives to bring honor back to the trades. Flores explains, “The Trades have an image problem, but it is an honorable and highly rewarding career!  What other career choice will your employer pay for your tuition and in four years you will be earning fifty to sixty thousand dollars a year with no student debt? I have a firm belief that you don’t have to have a college degree to be successful in life.”